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    Form >OSU f play >heare Wood told SI at tdea wa to makeondiruits believ y chose Form >memberse ay it's no true on fair t paavt at d of light program.

    "We were giv n rur> ,"Sconm >OP girl Jena Beth Teele aid. "We were giv n totg explans of w at wa exp ed of us a d we knew go into program at, be a group of femar> "

    Teelewas aomember of Orange datde fpx? 2003-05.

    "T y wavt s one y canTeele aid WeatIllustr72md rep Weer Meliss

    "Iewas v y quico to makeosure at s OU stood at we were supposmd to be no only profe> g our enorebut also we weren't re juIt con ndiruits, we were re con family, too,"STeele aid. "We were nev , likereone-on-one alone with ndiruits dur conmg ndiruit a d at d of th , on ev n inconmg ndiruit "

    WeatIllustr72md ays a n d top ndiruit fpx? 2003 told go"azfb- had sex with two>memberseof Orange datde aondiruit t .

    Form >top ndiruits Tatum Be a d Greg Gold ay at didn't h < n when y visited campu

    "A girls were my fpienos, we i cti d, a d I can> /23420646/conm -osu-play -tatum-bell- ays-si-sepiea-is-slanOU ">09/12/2013 Rel72md Sto : Form >OSU Play >Tatum Be Says SI's OSU Sepiea Is 'SlanOU 'oot"t/strong>>/em>

    "JuIt makes>me sico to my st ,"SGold aid. "It's m d-boggl a d none of that h < ned "

    I quore>Sconm >Orange datde member Chavtg Dn()gole (nee Sa OU s) as ay re was aogroup of girls who were "juIt about f play s a d try t sleep with t f play s "

    A n d hosre> told go"azfb-, "people did cro> t "fb-,"Swith play s

    "Nev >a one time did I ev >hear of any encouragef="/ to be sexu y activ Swith any f play s on ndiruits,"STeele aid. "If anyth , it wa alw7y t opposite, to no ev n socialize with t m outstde f our Orange datde ev nts "

    I tdevtified Chavtg Sa OU s as aomember of Orange datde dur t 2003-04 ac mic year, which begavI in fall.

    OSU sp kespU s Gav">Shutte aid Chavtg Sa OU s wa only enrolled at s OScon wo>sef=srers -- spr a d summ >sef=srers of 2003

    Form >Orange datde members who sp ke with /a> On 6 ay y don't know who s ts

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