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Council Member Fears For Spencer Safety Due To Faulty Fire Hydrants

Karl Torp, News 9

A Spencer CityCouncil member says she's sick and tired on the broken promises when it comesthe city's fire hydrant system.

"We the city arenot taking care of the infrastructure," says Spencer City Councilwoman TonniCanaday.

Canaday tellsNews 9 the fire hydrants in Spencer haven't been tested in 10 years.

"I won't be heldaccountable because I didn't speak up and somebody loses a family," saysCanaday, who originally served as a Spencer Councilmember from 2003 to 2007before deciding to run again in 2011.

Canaday says atfor least eight years, she was told by Spencer city leaders that the hydrantscan't be properly tested because releasing the water could rupture the olderwaterlines.

News 9 haslearned that a Spencer fire hydrant wasn't working when crews from Midwest Cityassisted Spencer on a fire at NE 23rd St. and Midwest Blvd. two weeks ago.

"It was leakingand it was pretty much unusable," says Major David Richardson, with the MidwestCity Fire Department.

The Spencer CityManager Nicole Mukes released a statement to News 9 saying testing the hydrantsand potentially rupturing a line, "runs the risk of depriving Spencerhouseholds and businesses of water service for unknown periods of time."

Mukes says shewill work to find other funding resources to pay for a new hydrant system inSpencer. But Canaday says she's been hearing that for the past eight years.

"My biggest fearis that we have a fireman in the middle of the fire- and he runs out ofwater and we put him in danger," says Canaday.