Harold Kuntz, News on 6

Bixby will be looking for its first ever state title Friday night, when they take on Lawton in the first ever 6A-II championship game.

Coach Loren Montgomery said, "Everybody's just giddy, you know, a little bit of anxiety maybe, but I think something big is getting ready to happen."

Ben Deibert, senior class president, stated, "Football is kind of like a religion here, and we take it very seriously, so we're just trying to get people there."

Ashley Griffin, mother of star quarterback Tanner Griffin, said, "The nerves were in the keeping him safe and helathy to get to today. Try to keep dad in check. All the teachers in the building are so excited, [and] going by my room asking, 'Are they ready? Is he ready? Go Tanner,' but all in all, it's a rah-rah mentality."

It's the first time Bixby has competed for a state title since 2009, when it was 5A. In order to win they have to face a very talented Lawton squad. Lawton features some of the top prospects in the nation.

Bixby's strengths start with its running game. Nic Roller has ran for just under 1,800 yards this season. He'll need to have another big night, along with Austin Grotts (on the defensive side), to walk away with the title.

Caroline Platt, student council president said, "It's been pretty exciting around campus. I think the students are really involved, and trying to get down to the game tonight."