Two Sallisaw Residents Face Numerous Animal Cruelty Complaints

Deputies arrest two Sallisaw area residents on 17 animal cruelty complaints after finding numerous animals in their care which were deceased and several more that were malnourished.

They are identified as 20-year-old Ashton Dimick and 20-year-old Morgan McCarley.

Sheriff Larry Lane says they were called to a rural home about a report of abandoned and neglected animals on Tuesday. He says deputies found dead rabbits and chickens outside the home.

Lane says they also found other animals including potbelly piglets, dogs, snakes, lizards, birds and ducks which were malnourished. He says deputies found the animals had not been fed or watered in over three weeks.

Both Dimick and McCarley were booked into the Sequoyah County jail.

The sheriff says the surviving animals were taken to a local veterinary service for care and rehabilitation.

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